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Architectural bureau Pergaev Bureau: design concept of the interior of the restaurant "Hot Shop" in Novosibirsk. The project of the restaurant "Hot Shop" includes a complete architectural concept and corporate identity for the restaurant brand.
Project specification
796 sq.m
Project type
Restaurant interior
Russia. Novosibirsk
Sergey Pergaev, Ivan Gubanov, Anna Laletina, Yuri Zakharov, Alexey Pannov, Pavel Kulebakin


Goryachiy Tsekh is a modern meat restaurant with an impressive open kitchen and technological remakes of popular dishes. An expert in cooking technologies on fire, with a lively atmosphere, with a cult of fire and movement around it.


When developing the architectural concept of the restaurant, first of all we created a "narrative" that is embodied in the entire institution. With each subsequent visit of the guest, the interior should unfold step by step, and at the same time have self-sufficiency in each zone. Each zone has its own degree of narrative depth. In this sense, the interior is close to a theatrical production: there is a plot, development of action, culmination, upshot.



To create the most modern concept, we used derivatives of raw materials: rusty metal, scorched wood, metal tiles, chipped tiles. The creation of rusty metal is a creative craft task: the pattern of rust had to be uneven and as picturesque as possible. To create the bar, two types of brickwork were used along a curved plane. This is one of the most difficult elements for a technical description: each position of the scorched brick was described in the drawing due to vertical and horizontal displacement. It is very important to pay special attention to the scale of textures, because this is what distinguishes a well-realized interior.



The semantic accents of the restaurant's interior are everything that generates a fire: a new fireplace above the bar, an old "extinct" fireplace, a large stove. These elements have the largest masses in the volumetric-spatial composition of the room. The old fireplace is an authentic art object of the restaurant. The vent of the central stove is conceived as a vessel for living plants, as a symbol of bursting art, refined and light, counter-brutal, giving rise to a positive tension in the character of the interior. The geometric composition that accentuates the central stove refers us to the aesthetics of avant-garde art - Tatlin's Tower, as a symbol of industry and utilitarian art.



In the guest room, we originally wanted to use paintings by Hieronymus Bosch. They are rich both in composition, and in color, and in the number of elements and their elaboration, but then we abandoned this idea in favor of the idea of our own - in a series of canvases we tried to tell the whole history of mankind, through metaphors to display the past, present, future, because the whole history our evolution and technical progress is associated with fire. Also in this room there is the only chandelier in the entire interior. This adds a touch of coziness and a touch of post-classicism, draws to the ideas of Copernicus and Galileo about models of a system in which everything moves around the warmth of the sun.



We have also developed a corporate identity for the Goryachiy Tsekh restaurant.

The corporate identity and logo of the restaurant resonate with the interior. The logo combines interior textures, collage paintings those being reflected on the walls, and large, chopped "live" typography.

The key element is the massive abbreviation “GT”. The irregular geometric figure adds "games" with the guests of the restaurant, hints at the workshop theme, confuses time and space, and the linearity of the sign refers to a luminous neon tube, a kind of "lava" passing through the entire interior space.

Interior project of the Krombacher Beerkitchen restaurant
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