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Architectural bureau Pergaev Bureau: interior design concept of the German restaurant "Krombacher Beerkitchen" in Moscow. Graffiti depicting the General Secretary of the CPSU Leonid Brezhnev and the head of the GDR Eric Honneker kissing as a semantic accent of the restaurant's design concept.
Project specification
443 sq.m
Project type
Restaurant interior project
Russia. Moscow
Sergey Pergaev, Anna Laletina, Ivan Gubanov, Pavel Kulebakin


When developing the architectural concept of the restaurant, we focused on the German Bauhaus theme and the Soviet avant-garde of the 20-30s. In the process of searching for solutions, we tried to trace the relationship between the creative schools of the Bauhaus and the Soviet avant-garde and make them understandable to the Russian people.


The restaurant is located on the first floor of the Sheraton 5 * hotel with a separate entrance and stained glass windows facing the first Tverskaya-Yamskaya street. Our task was to create a modern German restaurant that combines the atmosphere of traditional pubs, the restraint and pragmatism of the German character, the diversity and versatility of German culture. The interior is designed in the style of the middle of the last century with echoes of the Bauhaus.

The dense and diverse seating contributes to the creation of a "full" atmosphere. Thanks to the transformability due to the tables rotating around the columns, the layout can be changed depending on the theme of the event and the number of guests.


We made the entrance group as spacious and open as possible: cordiality and hospitality are the key qualities of a classic German beer garden. From this zone, not only the main hall is clearly visible, but also its key elements that lure the guest inside: a giant bar, a copper "spring", columns.

The copper «mainspring» under the ceiling is a reference to the winding movement: it unites the entire interior under it, setting a new rhythm. Accuracy, punctuality, attention to details are the qualities inherent in a truly German character. The main menu items can be read from the entrance: they hang in typeset letters on a wooden column like wooden bills.



The oak bar is the main accent of the interior. It is made in the form of a long mezzanine, inside which there are a variety of formats of beer containers: from traditional beer glasses to modern aluminum cans.

The bar is made up of antique Soviet file cabinets - places where the atmosphere of the avant-garde was "preserved" in history, becoming a cultural heritage of the era. 592 file cabinets were used for the bar. The bottle columns are a reference to the German brewing art. The restaurant broadcasts not only the traditional culture of beer drinking, but also a modern approach to brewing. Therefore, the bottles have an atypical shape: smaller and more compact.



One of the most striking elements of the interior is a monumental reproduction of graffiti “Mein Gott, hilf mir, diese tödliche Liebe zu überleben” by Dmitry Vrubel as a symbol of the eternal and indestructible friendship of peoples. Graffiti depicting the kissing of the  Soviet Union Communist Party General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev and the head of the GDR Eric Honnecker is located on the wall separating the restaurant from the hotel lobby.


Restaurant design project
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