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“Palm branch” of the restaurant business 2021

At the end of April, the results of the annual Russian national award Palme d'Or "Palm Branch of the Restaurant Business 2021" became known. The architectural bureau Pergaev Bureau now has 7 awards!


On April 26, the VIII PalmaFest business festival of restaurant concepts was held in Moscow. The winners of the XVI National Award Palme d'Or / "Palm Branch of the Restaurant Business 2021", which is awarded for the best new concept implemented in the past year, were announced there.


The Palme d'Or award is a prestigious international award for the best restaurant concept of the year. Since 1993, it has been awarded by the authoritative European association Leaders Club International.


For three months, the chef.ru portal conducted an online popular vote, in which more than 10,000 people took part. Out of the top 100 restaurants that opened in 2020, the best ones were determined in 10 nominations.


This top ten includes two restaurant concepts developed by the Pergaev Bureau. The Hokku restaurant (Samara, Russia) won the Gastroexpat nomination, the Twenty Two restaurant (Novosibirsk, Russia) in the Smart Casual nomination.


Hokku Restaurant

The Hokku restaurant in Samara is the embodiment of the collective image of Asia. It concentrates not only philosophy and ancient culture, but also the spirit of a large metropolis with skyscrapers, a fast pace of life and endless energy.


The architects of the Pergaev Bureau have developed an architectural and design concept for the first Hokku restaurant in the MegaCity shopping center, and now the second restaurant, created according to our project, has opened in the Rus on the Volga shopping center. The second Hokku restaurant has the same concept as the first one. We have kept the idea and some of the decor elements so that there is a sense of unity.


Since the opening of a whole chain of Hokku restaurants is planned, we have developed a so-called "construction book" - a guideline with recommendations for using the design concept, with furniture drawings and advice on choosing a space in which the concept can be implemented.


Photo: hokku.ru


To decorate the space, materials were used that are most often found in colorful Asian quarters. This is how white tiles appeared on the walls, which is typical for oriental-style establishments. The underframes are made of fruit crates, and the order pick-up area is decorated with lightboxes and neon signs with advertisements. Such solutions are democratic in implementation, but at the same time add a sophisticated touch of the east.


You can visit the restaurant: Moskovskoe highway, 36A, Samara, Russia

Twenty Two Restaurant

The interior of the restaurant in Novosibirsk is made in the "new" English style - that is, in the style of England, which is not represented by the Tower of London, but by those images that are characteristic of modern Great Britain without excessive pathos. That is why simple and familiar materials were used in the decoration of the restaurant, which are easy to find in any London home - tile, brick, metal and wood.


The decoration used mosaic tiles, typical of contemporary bathrooms. The number of tiles in the central mosaic is 46,255 pieces!


The wall is decorated with an image of a racing horse- the British are very superstitious, so the magic of numbers is of particular importance to them. Lucky Number 22 is the metaphor we wanted to broadcast everywhere.


You can try English (and not only) cuisine every day at 22 Krasny Prospekt, Novosibirsk, Russia.

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