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Siberian cuisine restaurant interior
Project specification
630 sq.m.
Project type
Restaurant interior
Russia. Tyumen
Ivan Gubanov, Anna Laletina, Aleksej Panov, Sergej Pergaev, Natal'ja Kut'enkova, Ekaterina Pergaeva, Pavel Kulebakin, Julija Ten

For the history of our country, Tyumen is one of the most important cities. It was where Siberia began. Blacksmithing and ironwork, carpet weaving, and wooden architecture flourished here. In Tyumen, Russian traditions were not only strengthened, but new ones were born. This is a unique, but underestimated city by tourists. Therefore, it needs more places that reflect it’s identity, such as a themed restaurant.

The challenge for the architects was to take design elements from the existing restaurants, while keeping the new establishment fresh. Citizens of Moscow, Novosibirsk, Tyumen - they all see Siberia differently. Therefore, the new #SibirSibir, inheriting the traditions of its predecessors, has its own character.


Moscow and Tyumen restaurants #SibirSibir are connected by a “river of time” made of white platbands under the ceiling. For the concept it is important that these platbands are genuine, they were collected in the villages of the Tomsk, Novosibirsk and Irkutsk regions. Created many decades ago, they have been given new life in a restaurant and have become a metaphor for the connection between the past and the future.


The main word of the #SibirSibir brand is traditions. Guests should feel at home. And the point is not only in home cooking and a cozy interior, but also in the fact that regular guests of restaurants in Novosibirsk and Moscow should feel as comfortable as if they had come to their usual place.

Therefore, there are “keys” that can be found in all restaurants: a fireplace, hand-painted nesting dolls, samovars, which this time were found in the Tyumen and Sverdlovsk regions. And, of course, one of the most recognizable elements is the “scales” of 25,000 aluminum spoons suspended above the kitchen.


The columns are a modern interpretation of the loopholes of the Tobolsk Kremlin. Like the Kremlin itself, they are finished with white stucco, but decorated with voluminous patterns of dumplings, “sushki” ( traditional Russian small, crunchy, mildly sweet bread rings), chaga mushrooms - these are traditional associations with Siberian home cooking. Only one of the columns is trimmed with a gray church plowshare of burnt wood, like on the roof of the Kremlin itself.

The Soviet Hall resembles greenhouse (“teplitsa”) a countryside familiar to everyone, and on its doors a stained-glass window in the style of the 30s of the XX century was hand-made. In the soft area dedicated to Tyumen carpet weaving, you can see not only hand-woven macrame, but also a pattern from Soviet packages of Siberian dumplings.

The restaurant is a journey through stages of the history of the region, so the interior found a place for both the chronicals of the 17th century and Soviet aesthetics. The window frieze is painted like a picture from the Kungur Chronicle. It depicts the escape of Kuchum from the city of Kashlyk: this event ensured the victory of Yermak's undertakings. The screen that separates the individual areas of the main hall is a chain fabric made by a blacksmith. This is a tribute to the traditions of blacksmithing, and the great achievements of the time of the conquest of Siberia.


The key business task of a restaurateur is to create a space where guests will want to return again and again. The guest should have the opportunity to rediscover their favorite place every time: to notice new details, to settle in a new space, to try new dishes. The restaurant must constantly surprise.

#SibirSibir is one of the key points of attraction for tourists, a restaurant-museum that fully reflects the culture and history of the region. With its unique interior, elaborate cuisine and high level of service, #SibirSibir will set new quality standards for Tyumen establishments. This will have a positive impact on business, and on the attractiveness of the region, and on the quality of life of citizens.

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