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African cuisine restaurant design project developed by Pergaev Bureau architects.
Project specification
449 sq.m.
Project type
Restaurant interior
Russia. Samara
Tat'jana Bessonova, Ekaterina Pergaeva, Pavel Kulebakin, Maksim Butakov, Dmitrij Vorob'jov, Maksim Severinov, Daniil Suhonosenko, Sergej Nikolaev, Ekaterina Mochalina, Ekaterina Suhanova

The concept of the Livingstone restaurant is an African journey. Like the explorer David Livingstone, the guests of the restaurant will discover new facets of Africa. The architects were faced with the task of creating a bright, memorable atmosphere of a modern authentic restaurant and a kind of museum exposition, thereby forming an exhibition and educational environment.


Throughout the area of ​​the restaurant there are artifacts of African culture: dishes with a traditional pattern, spears and other hunting tools, dried flowers, stuffed animals. All these objects are presented in the form of exhibits, like in a museum, where you can come and get acquainted with the life of a distant continent.


In the interior we tried to avoid pretentiousness and intricacy, so the project uses neutral tones, natural materials that seem to envelop visitors and immerse them in the climate of southern latitudes. With the help of design, we managed to change the climate zone of the place.


The total number of seats is more than 150. The project provides tables for companies from 2 to 6 people. If necessary the seats can be transformed and combined.

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