Residential Complex

Residential Complex "AQUAMARIN"

Project specification
10,8 ha
Project type
The concept of a residential complex
Russia. Perm'
Kamila Jakubova, Julija Ten, Jurij Zaharov, Anton Chuchalov, Ksenija Truhina, Dmitrij Vorob'ev

The monotonous volume of the building is divided by visual blocks. They form a recognizable silhouette of the building, add variety to the existing development, but at the same time, all architectural and design elements have a common idea. With the help of "warm" materials on the facade, a feeling of suburban life is created. A variety of brickwork creates a unique facade pattern.


From the side of the courtyard, the facade solutions are identical to the external ones. This principle was adopted due to the fact that most of the houses in the apartment are visible from all sides, since the houses do not form quarters.

To support and develop small businesses, commercial premises have been created on the first floors. Large windows, a single design code, light materials create an attractive and friendly atmosphere where the residents of the complex can relax or work.

The concept of common areas in a residential complex
Residential complex "MIKHAILOVSKY"
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