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A new restaurant of the Adzhikinezhal network has opened in Novosibirsk, where Pergaev Bureau architects broke the stereotypes about Caucasian hospitality. Bright sofas with patterns, carpets and floor lamps, hats are no longer needed.

One of the bureau's principles is transparency. Therefore, the architects approached the work in stages. So the customer can see what is happening with the project at each stage of work. When creating the project, the architects of the bureau analyzed the competitors and found that the stereotypical elements of the Caucasus, which became boring to visitors, were present in every institution.


We decided to rethink the usual ideas about the Caucasus, while maintaining the main values: the experience of generations, art, traditions, hospitality.

Traditional materials, textures, techniques, rethought in the interior, create the atmosphere of the establishment and make you look at the Caucasus in a new way.


The arch is a recognizable architectural element of the Caucasus.

In this project, the architects left the arches, but rethought them. This element is found not only in the usual form, but also broadcast in the interior in one form or another.


To maintain the homely atmosphere of a Caucasian house in the kitchen, the floor is lined with metlakh tiles, and a picture hangs on the wall that tells about the life of the inhabitants of the Caucasus.

Thus, the elements of ethnicity and tradition in the interior are presented in a new light and are described in three words: modern, bold, atypical.


In the project attention was paid to the wine hall and wine cellar.

In the wine room, one wall was decorated with traditional painting from the streets of Georgia. A number of places along the mural can be easily transformed into a company of more than four people. Fabric panels with paintings of the 21st century, which hang on the walls of the wine room, bring an element of modernity into the interior, on the one hand, and on the other hand, they preserve the atmosphere of home comfort of the Caucasus. An arched niche with shelves completes the atmosphere of the wine room.

The Size of the wine cellar (VIP room )is 28.4 sq. m. It creates the same cozy atmosphere thanks to the greenery, decor and wood texture of warm honey color. The dimensions of the cellar compensate for the art objects on the walls, which the guest will look at with interest while waiting for the order.


In the design of the veranda, the architects also emphasized the idea of continuity between the traditions of the Caucasus and new trends.

The modern authentic arched facade attracts the attention of passers-by and does not fall out of the visual design of the restaurant. The slatted design adds coziness to this veranda. Pots with live plants protect visitors from the bustle of the city.

Inside the veranda, the atmosphere of the greenhouse is conveyed - light, bright, warm. The walls are covered with ivy and grapes, so that the visitor feels like in a restaurant where it is always summer.


The restaurant does not stand out from the concept of rethinking the traditional Caucasus. The architects, thanks to a phased work and a systematic approach, have created a new understanding of Caucasian hospitality, which will be appreciated by visitors.

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