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RIVE GAUCHE: How to increase sales with an updated interior concept

At the end of 2020, representatives of the RIVE GAUCHE chain of perfumery and cosmetics stores contacted us with a request to update the store in the Tsvetnoy department store in Moscow. And at the end of 2021, the new RIVE GAUCHE opened its doors to guests: star Moscow stylists, celebrities and bloggers visited the fashion opening.

Beautiful finale of the year of work on the project. But how did we get there?

RIVE GAUCHE is an expert on beauty, the chain of stores, third in the Russian market in sales of perfumes and cosmetics. In order to reach a larger audience and increase sales, it was decided to renovate one of the largest RIVE GAUCHE stores in Moscow.


  • Lack of a single structure of space;
  • Large space filled with uniform equipment;
  • The presence of "dead" and "run" zones;
  • The presence of restrictions in the visual range.


The RIVE GAUCHE perfumery and cosmetics store presents hundreds of world fashion brands that need to be fit organically into the space. How to link all the shopping corners into a single composition, not harming the corporate identity of the brands?


Pergaev Bureau architects designed a new look for the equipment, suggested color coding for each zone, and worked out the system of navigation. Solution gives people more time to spend in the boutique, to walk from corner to corner, to consider the presented brands of cosmetics.


To increase the turnover of the RIVE GAUCHE store, a new concept of planning solution was developed. It is made in the form of a "spike". It becomes interesting for visitors to explore the space, to watch how it changes from zone to zone, and at the same time to study the assortment of the store.

The solutions we proposed are the sustem of navigation and a conducive shopping atmosphere, contributed to increase the time spent by guests in the store and had a beneficial effect on sales. More than 12,000 guests visit the new RIVE GAUCHE store in the Tsvetnoy department store in Moscow every day.


When creating a new planning solution for the largest cosmetics and perfumery store RIVE GAUCHE, we used BIM technologies.

What is it and how does it affect turnover?

One of the tasks of the Pergaev Bureau architects in this project is to exclude “dead” zones from the plan. To find weaknesses, corners that customers do not pay attention to, and

Initial planning solution

In our work we use the modern technologies to create a successful business architecture. For RIVE GAUCHE project we designed a 3D model of the store: we placed the corners, arranged thematic zones. And then we launched models of people there. Yes, we have reproduced the behavior of real people in the RIVE GAUCHE store model to see how they will behave in the new space.

New planning solution

Models move according to the real behavior of customers in the store: they study the corners, stop at points of attraction, run through and do not notice the counters.

Even at the stage of the preliminary design, we evaluated the planning solution and found the weaknesses of the future store. This technology made it possible to make the changes to the drawings and create a commercially successful project.


The concept of the updated RIVE GAUCHE store in Tsvetnoy department store is a universal eco-design, which is made using simple and durable materials. For example, as a decor, flasks with plants are suspended from the ceiling, the filling of which can be changed from season to season. Racks, corners and cabinets are created in the same style and continue the main concept of the interior. Each functional area has its own color scheme.


So we got rid of the scarcity of finishes, excessive orthogonality of space and the same boring corners that are present in competitive networks.

The main thing that we managed to do was to shift the focus from “the store is a warehouse where they sell cosmetics” to “the store is a place of a unique shopping experience”.

We've created a lifestyle space that includes event space, novelty areas, a beauty salon and even a bar.


«Champagne by Champagne» is a new champagne bar by the famous restaurateur Denis Ivanov (izakaya bar KU, SibirSibir, Jean Juan Lu) based on the design concept of Pergaev Bureau. An unusual solution that will diversify shopping, bring the sense of a holiday to it and will be a new point of attraction for visitors to the store and the entire Tsvetnoy department store.

The champagne bar distinguishes the RIVE GAUCHE store from the competitors and raises the business to a new level.


All solutions offered by the architects are aimed to increase the efficiency and commercial success of your business, so projects of Pergaev Bureau stand out from the competition, win international awards and become the favorite places of millions of people.

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