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Design concept of a beer restaurant BEEROCRATIYA
Project specification
730 sq.m.
Project type
Restaurant interior
Russia. Samara
Sergej Pergaev, Ekaterina Pergaeva, Tat'jana Bessonova, Pavel Kulebakin, Maksim Butakov, Julija Ten


From time immemorial, Samara has been considered the brewing capital of Russia. At the end of the 19th century, there were several breweries in the city: the bourgeois Svetova, the collegiate registrar Mordvina, the merchant Dunaev, the merchant Bureev, whose factory later came under the control of Alfred Von Vakano. He headed the famous Zhiguli Brewery, which became known not only in Russia, but also abroad.

In the design concept of the Beerocratiya restaurant, we conveyed all the best traditions of the beer capitals of the world: England, the Czech Republic, Belgium.


A characteristic feature of beer restaurants in Germany, England and the Czech Republic is that their interiors are too dark. The owners of Beerocratiya wanted to move away from dark wood, furniture and decor so that the restaurant does not feel like a "male" establishment, but becomes a place for everyone.

Most of the restaurant is made in light colors: the color of natural wood, light furniture, large windows that let in a lot of light. In this way the restaurant will become a place where you can spend a holiday, a corporate party or just have dinner with close friends.



The hall consists of two zones: the welcome zone and the main hall. We made an exception for the welcome zone and created the atmosphere of a classic English pub with dark furniture, small space and leather furniture. The main hall is made in the tradition of a German bar, there is already light wood and tables for large companies.

It was also necessary keep in mind having several VIP zones in the project. We solved this problem in two ways. Firstly, small private tables appeared in the center of the hall, which are fenced off from each other and from the hall by small glass partitions. Secondly, three rooms appeared on the edge of the hall, which have a more solid fence from the hall.


Each of the rooms is self-sufficient, designed for six seats. But if necessary, two rooms can be combined. We have thought of a mobile partition system that adapts to the needs of guests.

Special attention was paid to the lighting throughout the restaurant, which is made in an unusual amber color. This idea was proposed by the customers themselves, and we successfully implemented it in the project. Non-standard light gives the wood expressiveness and emphasizes its pattern.


Another task was to create an integral space not only inside the hall, but also outside. The summer terrace has become a continuation of the interior due to overlapping decorative structures.

As a landscaping, we decided to move away from our usual plants and used hop as a reference to the main theme of the restaurant.

Restaurant concept
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