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Lucia Osteria

Lucia Osteria

Design concept of an Italian restaurant by Pergaev Bureau
Project specification
449 sq.m.
Project type
Restaurant interior
Russia. Yaroslavl'
Tat'jana Bessonova, Jurij Zaharov, Maksim Butakov, Dmitrij Vorob'jov, Daniil Suhonosenko, Tat'jana Mjakshun, Anna Filippova

Osteria Lucia is an Italian restaurant in a historic mansion in Yaroslavl. The concept is based on the idea of ​​an “Italian family house”. All compartments are being rooms in the house of a large Italian family: a living room, a lounge, a banquet hall, a terrace, a balcony. This is a cozy Italian restaurant with a warm atmosphere.


Light warm plaster is used in the interior decoration - a reference to the facades of houses in southern Italy. The artefacts of the beginning of the 20th century are used as decor. The idea is to emphasize the antiquity of the house - it was built in 1900.

The interior contains plants, antique furniture, bright details. All this complements the image of an Italian summer home, where a large family spends time - several generations: from small children to their grandparents.


The summer terrace used to be cut off from the restaurant so it  looked cut off from the restaurant. Now it is made in the same style as all the premises, and is an organic continuation of the main concept of the institution.

Siberian cuisine restaurant interior
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