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Projects of boulevard improvement concept boulevard Noyabrsk
Project specification
4,5 hectares
Project type
Boulevard improvement concept
Russia. Noyabrsk
Ksenia Baranova, Pavel Kulebakin, Anastasia Krovelshchikova, Roman Kazakov, Sergey Pergaev


The main idea behind the formation of new walking routes for the boulevard is to create a continuous scenario of walks by layering paths of different nature and size on top of each other. Walking along the wide main routes of the alley, jogging along transit links or retire on benches along narrow paths in the shade - now every resident of Noyabrsk can choose his own format of recreation.


The project proposes to unite the scattered areas of the boulevard landscaping, completing the landscaping in a single style solution. The presence of various types of activities along the paths will revitalize the boulevard space and include it in the main walking route of the city.


For the formation of new walking routes, existing paths are mainly used, which allows citizens to move along their usual paths and saves resources in places where new routes overlap old ones at the stage of preparing the territory for the final paving. To attract the interest of different groups of citizens, several functional zones with various types of activities are being formed on the territory of the boulevard.

In the cold season, the boulevard is still active. A skating rink with a city tree in the center is organized on the main square. A festive lighting design of the architectural frame is being created. The dry fountain also lives on as a light installation. Art installations remain off-season and serve as objects of attraction for city residents all year round.



The form of the frame creates a holistic artistic appearance of the square, visually uniting all zones into a single walking scenario.

The diverse rhythm of the frame supports sets the dynamics of movement, and filling it with interactive elements serves as an additional accent.

The pavilions of cafes and street food outlets are attractive objects in the urban environment and provide an opportunity for an extended stay outside during the cold season.

The simple form and panoramic glazing blur the boundaries between the street and the interior of the cafe, arousing the interest of the townspeople and the desire to go inside.

Filling the architectural framework with interactive elements creates a variety of impressions of being in the city square and satisfies the needs of Noyabrsk residents of different ages.

Bright elements of urban furniture create a relaxed atmosphere of street coziness, encouraging townspeople to communicate and make new acquaintances.



The holistic artistic image of the unifying white frame can serve as an independent architectural form. And in the seasons of bright sun or the period of city holidays, shadow canopies can be organized on it for a comfortable stay of people on the street.

The design of the frame allows you to arrange canopies of various types - from awning to slatted - which, in addition to the protective function, create a festive atmosphere and shape the individual appearance of the street.

The formation of separate zones for planting plants, characteristic of the northern climate, creates an authentic look of the boulevard and acquaints the residents of the city with the peculiarities of the nature of their area.



The new image of the bridge of lovers continues the general architectural and artistic concept of the boulevard and symbolizes a lifelong journey of two loving hearts, where the lines of the metal frame, like annual rings of trees, are layered on top of each other, recalling how much has already been covered and how much still lies ahead.



The creation of a single frame of landscaping forms a cozy and picturesque promenade space of the boulevard.

The concept of landscaping of the central boulevard is based on the idea of ​​forming a single frame of landscaping from plants characteristic of the local climate. In addition to visual diversity, this technique has an educational function - it acquaints the residents of the city with the peculiarities of the nature of their area.

The planting of flower beds, consisting of meadow and grass shrubs, gives a special charm and creates an authentic image of the boulevard. The combination of coniferous and deciduous trees forms the diversity of the landscape.


The main principles of landscaping:

- the formation of plant communities close to natural;

- all-season decorativeness;

- layering of planting;

- the use of perennial, frost-resistant and gas-resistant plants;

- creation of landscape groups.

Improvement concept
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