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The concept of the ski complex
Project specification
3,54 ha
Project type
Ski complex concept
Russia. Khimki

The task of the new recreation park in the city of Khimki is to provide opportunities for recreation to the maximum number of people. This is how the concept of "from 2 to 102" was born. We have created a project for a year-round multifunctional park in the Moscow region, in the city of Khimki, where literally everyone can spend their free time: from young children to pensioners.


The park is based on the principle of short distances. Architectural objects are located in the park quite close and flow into each other. Getting into the restaurant visitors smoothly move into the sauna complex, to the pool area and playgrounds. Short distances are easy for the elderly to cover, and parents can leave their children on the playground, which is in the field of vision.


In the park improvement project, the advantages of the relief were used: the park is located on the hills. The architects took this principle of "terraces" as a basis, and created multi-tiered architectural structures. The roof of the main building continues the pedestrian routes, connects the park area with the central terrace. From there new magnificent views of the surrounding nature and the city open up.

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