Residential complex SMART IN KRASNODAR

Residential complex SMART IN KRASNODAR

Architectural concept of the residential complex Smart in Krasnodar
Project specification
0,65 Hectares
Project type
Architectural concept
Russia. Novosibirsk
Sergey Pergaev, Anna Laletina, Ivan Gubanov, Yulia Ten, Ksenia Baranova, Vadim Ovchinnikov


The SMART lifestyle is the rule of modern life for people of all ages. Reasonable consumption is a factor that accompanies us not only in everyday life, but also in larger, strategic decisions.

Buying an apartment is a crucial step, a decision that will remain unchanged for a long period. In this matter, it is more important than ever that the house corresponds to the lifestyle of a modern person.


For a building of this category, we proposed the concept of reasonable consumption in the technical equipment of the house.

The concept of reasonable consumption and sustainable development is one of the priority areas of modern construction. The desire to reduce the consumption of resources has a positive effect on the costs of the project - both investment and operating.



“SMART-quarter” is a concept of an architectural solution in which a residential complex is a quarter of a full value: two residential buildings are united by a stylobate - two-storey format commercial premises.

To create the effect of a variety of buildings, to lighten the visual image and to bring the architectural concept of the residential complex closer to the format of a club house, one of the buildings was divided into three equal volumes, each of which was solved in a single stylistic manner, but different from each other in details and solutions.

To give the spatial composition a development in the vertical plane, we visually lightened the stylobate, and the residential floors were "cantilevered" with the help of balconies.



The use of three tones of brick (light, terracotta and deep gray) draws to the residential typology and allows us to focus on the plasticity of the facades.

The large glazing surface and the lowered window line evoke a technological, modern design. The territory of the site on which the object is located was used as efficiently and evenly as possible, in accordance with the urban planning situation and the immediate environment.

Residential complex project
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