Residential Complex

Residential Complex "PREMIUM" IN KRASNODAR

The architectural concept of the residential complex «Premium» in Krasnodar
Project specification
0,648 hectares
Project type
Architectural concept
Russia. Krasnodar
Sergey Pergaev, Lidia Lagutina, Ivan Gubanov, Yulia Ten, Anna Laletina, Pavel Kulebakin


Urban housing with the philosophy of a country residence - this is the concept of a premium class residential complex in the historical development in Krasnodar. The architectural concept is based on a combination of terraces with arches, this combination is a symbol of high architecture and also it personifies monumentality. It was this combination that became the most memorable element in the structure of the building.

Each apartment has an atmosphere of country life and tranquility thanks to the presence of landscaped terraces.


The privacy of the terraces is ensured by shifting the building blocks. Terraces with views as an indicator of status. We create the effect of our own garden, the image of country life. Specially selected plants with a small root system serve as a natural visual fence of neighbors from each other, while maintaining the privacy of the cascading terraces.



The combination of classic techniques on the ground floors and modern volumes on the top allows meeting the needs of the premium segment audience.

The task of the architect in this project is to create the image of a modern premium class building that will be in harmony with the surrounding historical buildings of Krasnodar. Arches play a special role not only on the facade, but also in the interior, as they are an attribute of high architecture and create the basis for the design of the interior space.



The residents of the first floor are protected from the casual glances of passers due to the increased level of the first floor.

The optimal balance of functional zones ratio was created due to a decrease in the building percentage by 20% from the maximum allowed. This technique allowed to design large courtyard with a garden and recreation areas in compliance with the necessary standards for premium living spaces.

Architectural concept
Residential complex SMART IN KRASNODAR
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