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Public areas Design project
Project specification
Project type
Design project of public areas of the hotel
Russia. Novosibirsk
Sergei Pergaev, Oksana Osotova, Pavel Kulebakin


SMART is the rule of any modern metropolitan resident who is mobile, adheres to reasonable consumption and uses up-to-date technologies.

In the project of the hotel "Azimut. Siberia" we have reflected this very idea: we have created all the conditions for comfortable work and rest inside one hotel.



The Summit hall is a versatile room that can be transformed for various types of events: in the first case, an ordinary arrangement of upholstered stackable chairs is used, in the second - modular furniture of two types, made in various combinations, and in the third - standard modular tables on an adjustable support with chairs in soft padding on an adjustable leg.

The required level of illumination is provided by linear luminaires in combination with hexagonal lightboxes.

The hall is equipped with a short throw projector located as close as possible to the screen. This avoids direct light entering the speaker's eyes. In addition, the screen serves as a kind of screen that allows you to transform the hall and separates the bar and coffee break area.



According to the concept of a smart hotel, the Forum hall is also designed as a maximally transformable and mobile space for events of various types. Content options provide a large number of how to use it  thanks to well-thought-out layouts of modular furniture.

In the lounge zone there is a soft seating area made of pear-shaped armchairs, which can be connected to each other by a "snake" and easily change the configuration.

The end wall is occupied by a spacious cabinet for office supplies and other consumables.

Part of the cabinet is used as a bar / kitchen area, where a coffee machine and all the necessary utensils will be located.

There is also a place for the location of a printer and the necessary office supplies. The cabinet stores the modules of the composite bar, which can be assembled in various combinations depending on the event.

Next to the bar area, there are soft sofas where you can relax in a cozy relaxed atmosphere, as well as charge your electronic devices in a specially equipped column.



A transformable partition, consisting of separate sections that are not connected to each other, allows you to highlight a separate room in the structure of the hall, but at the same time allows natural light to pass through. The middle part of the partition is made in frosted glass to create a visual barrier.


The partition of the hall behind the retractable projector screen is a zigzag wall with built-in shelves for office supplies and a magnetic marker board. The opposite wall is made of poufs, the lower rows of which are mobile: they can be used as additional seats.

On the upper protruding poufs there are tablets for use during a conference or hall decor with event symbols.



The coworking space is a multifunctional space on the ground floor of the hotel and is a continuation of its smart concept.

There is a storage area (lockers for valuables, hangers for outerwear), a coffee break area in the smart style and the Azimut concept, a relaxation area with soft sofas and banquettes, a meeting area with high-backed sofas, a printer with office supplies and directly working area with a standard format of seats: semi-bar, as well as transformable mobile tables.



The Assembly Chamber Hall is equipped with a blitcher tribune, as well as modular folding tables in front of it with various layouts and soft stackable chairs.

A bright block of the stage with a screen and a dedicated area for the speaker is a semantic accent in the composition of the hall.

The buffer zone for relaxation is highlighted with a vertical slat and is equipped with modular upholstered furniture with bright frame armchairs with floor lamps.



The hall of the conference block of the hotel is decorated with multi-format wooden panels with built-in contrasting modules for decorating the entrances to the halls.

Modular compositions are installed in the center of the hall - additional recreation and communication areas in between events.

The walls of the corridors are made in graphite-colored ceramic panels with built-in lighting installations and large-scale navigation, which serves as a reference point in space and at the same time as wall decor.



The main functional blocks are highlighted with color spots in the lobby space: a bright color block of the main entrance, a wooden volume of the reception area and bar, neutral shades with accent corporate colors in the waiting area.

In addition to color navigation, neon font compositions and multimedia elements of the Azimut smart concept are used here.

To give a landscape to the monotonous space of the waiting area, a tribune with different types of seating is organized along the line of stained-glass windows:  coffee tables to lounge soft frameless armchairs as well.

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