OPEN LECTURE PERGAEV BUREAU FOR MGIMO (Moscow State Institute of International Relations)

BIM information technologies, GIS, Autodesk Revit software package, creative methodology, budgeting technologies, artificial intelligence, 3D modeling technologies are the MUSTHAVE to create a successful touristic object of any scale. Sergey Pergaev, founder and creative director of Pergaev Bureau, will talk about system tools for business in an open lecture for MGIMO.

In the design process of any tourist facility, tools play a leading role: geographic information systems, BIM and Autodesk Revit – that are the systems that allow create the spatial models of future objects, revealing the potential and possibilities of the territory, VR technologies, human behavior modeling, budgeting technologies and creative methodology come as the quintessence of all analytical work.

The essence of creative methodology is in the system of sequential production of hypotheses and making decisions based on them. As part of the lecture, we will go through all levels of decision-making on the creation of a territory development project and describe the logic of creating a successful territorial brand: from the stage of choosing a region to the stage of planning a room of the hotel.

You will receive not a success formula, but an applied system tool for creating a successful touristic object of any scale.

The program:

  1. Territory branding basics, terminology. Architecture, interior design, landscaping and graphic design are the main tools for building a strong territorial brand.
  2. Creation of projects for the development of the territory as points of attraction. Goal-setting and task setting to create a strong territorial brand.
  3. Types and scale levels of tourist sites.
  4. Target audience.
  5. Analysis of the potential of the territory.
  6. Unleashing the potential of the territory.
  7. Spirit of the place. The legend and the core idea as a reflection of the strategy for the development of the territory.
  8. Creative methodology for creating the architecture of a territorial brand object. Formation of hypotheses, testing of hypotheses.
  9. Functional-spatial modeling of the territory and its content.
  10. BIM-technologies based on the Autodesk revit tool. Functionality and significance in design and further operation.
  11. GIS-technologies in design.
  12. Budgetary restrictions. Principles of work of budget modeling of the project.
  13. Virtual model of the future point of attraction: spatial and informational model of human behavior in space.
  14. What is the result? The system of stepwise decision-making in the development of the brand.
  15. Analysis of cases on the example of architectural concepts.
  16. Territory brand and investment project brand. Why is it important to understand the difference and how to use it.

Where: MGIMO, main building

Address: Moscow, Vernadsky Avenue, 76; audience 315.

Event format: offline, ZOOM, online at MGIMO YouTube channel

When: April 26, 2022, 16:00 - 18.00

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MGIMO YouTube channel.

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