Generally, large tourist cities have their own "Arbat" - this is a beautiful and dynamic place where locals walk and which tourists want to visit. Such places increase the "capital level" and tourist attractiveness of cities. Many cities strive for this, and Makhachkala is no exception.

Makhachkala has great tourist potential: proximity to the sea, unique nature, centuries-old history. But there is a problem that many tourists face: there are no necessary conditions for a truly comfortable and affordable holiday. The project of a summer boulevard on Lenin Street according to the architectural concept of the Pergaev Bureau should create a new point of attraction on the map of Makhachkala and set a new vector for the city's tourism development.


The initial task of the project was to develop a single summer canopy over the four restaurants located on the boulevard. Each individual restaurant would independently assemble the summer canopy at the beginning and disassemble it at the end of the season. In winter, this area was not expected to be used.

In the process of developing the project, we realized that the problem could not be solved by either one summer shed or four of them. Between the alleged summer houses and the building with restaurants there is a parking lot, which also needs to be improved. Therefore, we found a non-standard solution - we created an urban space with summer terraces and a new walking area.


It was decided to make the canopies year-round: in summer, restaurant tables will be placed under them, and in winter, the structure of the canopy will become a boulevard with benches and beautiful street decorations. In summer, the total number of seats will exceed 150.

Year-round canopy and economic benefit

Thus, we solved several problems at once: restaurants received the necessary summer terraces, and city residents - space for recreation and walks. In addition, a year-round canopy is economically beneficial. If you have come across the process of installing summer verandas, then you know that it requires a lot of time and money. This is a costly process: the frame of the summer  construction must be installed at the beginning of the season, dismantled at the end of the season, and in the off-season it is necessary to provide a place for its storage.

In terms of design and architecture, temporary summer terraces could not be called  beautuful  because due to the limited use, it is simply not profitable to make an original design.


A new public space with terraces and a boulevard in Makhachkala will also become noticeable from the side of the roadway. Previously, restaurants were hidden by branchy trees. Now the constructions of summer verandas will be noticeable with their bright lights and the original shape of the canopy that peeks out from behind the trees.

Lenin Street will sparkle with new colors for residents and tourists of the city. The new bright design will attract citizens to stroll along the street, take pictures and relax in one of the restaurants.


In winter, it will be enough for restaurants to remove the tables so that the summer terraces become a full-fledged part of the boulevard. Citizens will be able to walk along the street illuminated by lights, relax on the benches, which will be prepared for winter by changing seats.


For more than 12 years, the architectural bureau Pergaev Bureau has been successfully solving non-trivial business problems and helping cities create a comfortable and safe environment.

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