The city leaders or developers often come to an architectural bureau with large-scale tasks: not just to improve the territory or design a residential complex, but to form a development vector for the rapid growth of the city, to reveal its full potential.

The architects of the Pergaev Bureau solved a similar problem in one of the cities in the North Caucasus. They have developed a project for a unique multifunctional complex, which so far has no equal in the south of the country.


The future multifunctional complex will occupy 0.25% of the entire city territory. Such a significant object cannot but affect the surrounding territories. Therefore, it was important not just to design buildings, but to create an architectural dominant that would become the hallmark of the city.


The concept of the object corresponds to the urban planning strategy. It assumes a linear-nodal development of the city on the principle of identifying several intra-city centers, one of which will be the future facility. Each of the centers should have its own unique identity and set high standards for retail, office and hotel real estate.

The projected site is located in a strategically important place - at the intersection of transport hubs: a railway station, two bus stations and an airport. It will take 30 minutes walk or 6 minutes by car to get from the city center to the future complex. At the same time, there used to be an industrial zone on the territory, cut off from the center by highways and railways.


So, one of the main tasks of the architects was to establish links between the new complex and the city. For example, the project provides for a bridge leading from the stylobate to the station, and it is proposed to extend the main pedestrian routes from the city center.

The second task is to integrate the new multifunctional complex into the fabric of the city. In particular, the project provides for a green frame at the base, as well as exploitable roofs of buildings, which will also be planted with suitable plants. The complex is built into the existing building of the city, the central streets pass through it.


The third task of the architects is to form a rich multifunctional complex, since the city lacks cultural and leisure spaces. The center of the new complex will host a shopping and entertainment center. The rest of the territory will be built up with residential buildings of different heights with commercial premises on the first floors, a school and a sports complex will be built, several parks and squares will be designed.


While development of the facades, the architects were guided by the principles of structure, harmony, openness. The structure of the complex is designed so as not to create a sharp contrast with the private sector and existing buildings. Therefore, low-rise buildings are located on the periphery, and their height increases towards the center, and thus the complex is smoothly integrated into the urban landscape.


The building’s facades have different visual solutions, but the same structure and the same distance between elements is observed in each. This maintains the visual unity of the complex, different facades do not argue with each other.


The gradient principle also determines a single structure: at the base of the building they look more monumental, and the architects chose metal lamellas to strengthen the supports. The upper floors look lighter and more airy due to the larger glass area.


When designing skyscrapers, the high seismic hazard of the region was taken into consideration. Therefore, the foundations of buildings have a simple geometry, they are even and stable.


The project of a multifunctional complex is based on several principles:

  • Communication with the city: it is necessary to create connecting elements for the industrial territory "torn off" from the city.
  • Green frame: landscaping as the basis for the formation of the territory.
  • Place of interest: an object of attraction not only for citizens, but also for tourists.
  • Dominant: a unique recognizable silhouette that determines the height of the building.


When such a large object appears in the city, the adjacent territory naturally begins to develop, adjusting to the architectural dominant. This is the key task of the multifunctional complex in the North Caucasus and other similar projects: to launch the development of the city, form its strong brand and improve the quality of life in the region.

At the Pergaev Bureau, we don't just design individual residential complexes or shopping malls. When working on an architectural object, we think about how it will affect the development and brand of the territory, what place it will take in the urban environment. We can tell you more about the principles of work by the phone or at a personal meeting. Leave a request in the form below to sign up for a free consultation on your project.

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