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Unity of styles: architectural and corporate

When entrepreneurs or companies - developers, restaurateurs, hoteliers, retailers - plan to open new facilities: residential complexes, restaurants, hotels, tourist centers, SPAs, shopping or business centers, boutiques - they turn to an architectural bureau for  unified architectural design - the concept of facades and interiors.


When a new object requires a logo and corporate identity, entrepreneurs tend to turn to advertising agencies or freelance designers. However, who will be able to embody the concept of the future object in the corporate style: logo, colors, fonts, illustrations - if not the bureau that created the architectural and conceptual appearance of the object?


It often happens that at first the brand identity of the future object is created and only after the approval of the name, logo and corporate identity, entrepreneurs start architectural design. With such an algorithm, it becomes much more difficult to achieve a synergistic effect of the brand and architecture, since the architectural concept must be adjusted to the concept of identity.

The key to the commercial success of any business object is the unity of the concept and styles: architectural and corporate. The logo, fonts, graphic elements and colors that do not match the architecture and design of the facility can blur the concept of the establishment beyond recognition, distorting the brand's personality and placing it on a par with competitors.

The conceptual unity of architecture and identity creates a powerful synergy: the business object becomes a recognizable brand, its philosophy permeates every detail - from the design of the facade to the graphic element on the business card, the object is easily detached from competitors and becomes a new point of attraction for the audience.


The project of the Goryachiy Tsekh restaurant in Novosibirsk was created by our architectural bureau on a turnkey basis: we developed a unified architectural concept of the facility and embodied it in the brand identity.

Restaurant " Goryachiy Tsekh " (Hot Shop) in Novosibirsk

The logo reflects the philosophy of the restaurant and fully matches its interior. It reflects textures and chopped typography - it conveys the main concept of the restaurant. The key shaping element is the massive abbreviation “GT”.

The irregular geometric figure seems to be flirting with the guests of the restaurant, hinting at the "shop" theme, confusing time and space, and the linearity of the sign refers to a luminous neon tube, a kind of "lava" passing through the entire interior space.

Warm ocher and brown shades were chosen as the signature color scheme. One of the ideas of the restaurant is food cooked over an open fire, and the corporate identity should reflect this concept - to be red hot.

Variants of the logo for the Goryachiy Tsekh restaurant

The collage paintings located in the interior support the general concept of the Goryachiy Tsekh restaurant and are saturated with corporate identity elements.

The symbiosis of modern technology and antiquity disorients restaurant guests, creating a feeling of a place outside of space and time. Wooden panels on top of the paintings, opening and closing its various parts, give the guest a reason to think and put together a kind of semantic puzzle.

A collage painting in the Goryachiy Tsekh restaurant decorates the interior
Volumetric letters - volumetric pattern.

The geometric pattern can also be seen in the paintings, wood countertops and the restaurant logo.

The color scheme in which the restaurant's interior and all its identity is made: menu, navigation, logo

By entrusting us with the development of an architectural concept in combination with a corporate identity concept, you will receive a commercially successful business object.



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