Novy Urengoy is located in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District. This is one of the youngest cities in Russia. Since the city appeared in the mid-60s of the last century, it cannot boast of architectural and historical sights. Therefore, the appearance of the art residence project will form a modern image of the city.


The building now houses a bowling club. Despite the fact that it is located away from the center, the place is popular with residents of the city. Social events, festivals, sports competitions are held there. Therefore, we had to create a worthy alternative to this place, which would not be inferior in popularity.

The art residence project should solve the following problems:

  1. Lack of attractive places for creative people.
  2. The outflow of promising young people to other regions due to the low attractiveness of the environment for self-realization.
  3. Residents' request for a creative and business environment as large cities have.


The facade is an ordinary monolith that merges with the surrounding buildings. The architects of the bureau proposed to get rid of the “box” feeling with the help of a mesh metal frame. So the building will have a recognizable silhouette without the need to rebuild the facade. Such a solution is cost-effective in implementation and allows a much more efficient distribution of the construction budget.

The monotonous mesh facade is complemented by a signature floral pattern, which is present in the interior of the art residence.

On the territory around the art residence, we have landscaped an amphitheater with green islands and places for recreation, where, for example, parents can expect their children after summer outdoor activities in a comfortable atmosphere.


Winter lasts for almost 9 months in Novy Urengoy. The harsh climate limits the city's residents in the choice of leisure. Citizens note that they would like to see more greenery and sun. We are always attentive to the wishes of the residents for whom we design public spaces, because it is they who will use the future facility.

In the art residence, we created an atmosphere of "eternal" summer. The interior is fulfilled with floral pattern, green shades, live plants. We filled the space as much as possible with everything that will remind people of summer.


The art residence project in Novy Urengoy has three floors. The main principles of space planning are transformability and versatility. The premises must be ready for various events: exhibitions, conferences, training sessions. Therefore, multifunctional furniture is used in the interior, partitions are transparent or replaced with mobile ones.

The coworking area has convertible tables, and the meeting room can be isolated at any time using sliding doors. We have provided different work scenarios, so in addition to the usual tables, visitors to the art residence can work on sofas at high tables or retire in small isolated rooms.

The multi-format hall has mobile stands that support different formats. They can be exposed. Bright puffs can be moved depending on the format of the event.


All areas of the art residence use branded navigation, which was developed by the Pergaev Bureau designers.

Each floor has a map with zone designations so that visitors can immediately understand which way they need to go. The zones in the art residence are separated by means of design: different floor coverings, different colors of the zones. This is a convenient and simple way to indicate the functional purposes of spaces.


The Pergaev Bureau has been cooperating with city administrations for 13 years, creating new public spaces for citizens. For example, the bureau works with the city of Noyabrsk, has created a "Noyabrsk-Park" for it. The project has been completed and is already popular among residents. In addition to Noyabrsk, the Pergaev Bureau cooperates with Novy Urengoy. Next, we will talk about a new project of an art residence for the creative youth of the city.

The Pergaev Bureau develops projects of any complexity within 40 working days - this is our standard. We know how to work with budgetary restrictions and even at the sketch stage we will be able to calculate the cost of project implementation.

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